Best Haitian App Award 2019, moman pou rekonpanse pi bon aplikasyon pou ane a...

Lub Lorry Lamysère


Being software developer at Code9Haiti, I can dive normal brain into coding.
Holder of a degree in computer science at the ESIH, I master programming, database, and cybersecurity.

I did freelance in software development since the 2nd year at the university.
The 1st hack-a-ton prize at Hack-Fest in May 2016

I was voted best in the diaspora by Hack The CD - Seattle Washington.

Founder at Code9Haiti that provides software development services and is also a community of developers, which aims to become solid to gain the trust of all companies using the old methods to facilitate access to technologies, defenses against cybersecurity attacks.

Winner of the company pitch contest by the US Embassy in Haiti and Diagnostik in the technology field.

In my free time, I write blog articles on computer security, programming or I spend my time helping other coders on the StackOverflow (the forum of the developers). Being Cayens (SUD), I am specialized in web development, especially with the Python language, I organize programming workshops in universities, as well as training seminars on cybersecurity to integrate more people and share my knowledge.

Professions: Software Developer | Entrepreneur

Secondary school: College Saint Jean

University: Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haiti

Home city: Cayes